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Blue light and sleep, mental alertness and health

“Daytime” spectrum light sources, flat LED TV and computer screens, white LED streetlamps have exposed us to a lot more BLUE AND ULTRAVIOLET light in recent years, especially at night. According to Guiliano, V (2012) greater exposure to blue light supresses melatonin, changes the circadian sleep rhythm, changes alertness and could be the source of psychological and disease-susceptibility disturbances.

Our vision depends on light, yet blue light has also non-visual effects on health. The daily light and dark cycle regulates the biological clock and when well adjusted creates a sense of wellbeing.

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One hour of exercise a week ‘can halve dementia risk’

Some simple lifestyle changes can help lower our risk of developing dementia.

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Eye tests ‘could spot’ early Alzheimer’s disease

New research suggests that simple regular eye checks could be used to identify Alzheimer’s disease at a very early stage, long before any symptoms.

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Light + Building in Frankfurt 2014

The Light + Building in Frankfurt is the leading lighting trade fair in Europe. Around 2,300 exhibitors show their innovations in lighting products and technology.

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Healthcare Innovation Expo 2014

The Healthcare Innovation Expo is a health and care event hosted by NHS England. The Expo is designed to give everyone the tools and the reasons to make positive changes in health and care.

Should you be interested in attending the event: