Promotes biological, physiological and psychological health

Research into light and health has shown that biodynamic lighting, which mimics natural lighting by ‘bringing the natural daylight indoors,’ has a highly beneficial effect on biological, physiological and psychological wellbeing and health.

Biodynamic lighting can also be an extremely cost-effective solution in care homes, hospitals, schools and office buildings.

Resets the biological clock

    • By restoring the biological clock, regulating the 24 hour sleep/wake cycle, especially in older adults or people suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s, quality of life is enhanced
    • Older people are more alert, active and productive throughout the day and sleep better at night
    • People with dementia can enjoy more activity during the day and less restlessness, including night wandering, at night
    • Pharmaceutical interventions and sleep inducing drugs can be reduced
    • Older people can make the most of life, enjoying more vibrancy and taking part in favourite activities, such as gardening, playing cards, meeting with friends or watching TV

Changing Colour Temperatur of Biodynamic Lighting

Image: Derungs

Significant health benefits

    • Helps to maintain healthy bones, reducing the risk of osteoporosis
    • Enhances visual perception – things appear clearer and brighter, whilst health risks associated with reduced vision, such as falling and tripping, is reduced
    • Promotes longer, independent and more fulfilling lives

Highly cost effective

Once installed, biodynamic lighting is highly energy efficient, reducing your running costs as well as your carbon footprint. Significant savings can also be achieved because biodynamic lighting can:

    • Help reduce the need for extra staffing at night in care homes
    • Help reduce the need for pharmaceutical interventions and sleep-inducing drugs
    • Help promote a more efficient and productive workforce

A people-centred lighting solution

What other lighting solution can enhance architectural spaces, beautifully, providing the right level of lighting and spectral quality, whilst promoting the health and wellbeing of people?
Biodynamic lighting is a truly brilliant lighting solution and – at Lighting for Health – we offer a Lighting Design Service that follows CIBSE lighting guidelines. If you are an architect, developer or healthcare manager, or you would simply like to know more about our people-centred lighting solutions, please contact our lighting design team >>

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