Lighting solutions with a big difference – we put people first

At Lighting for Health, we design human-centred lighting schemes to enhance the visual, physiological, biological and psychological wellbeing of people.

We’re passionate about delivering lighting solutions that can make a big difference to people aged 40 plus with maturing eyesight. Quite simply, our health-conscious lighting allows them to enjoy more vibrancy, productivity and vitality. We also focus on those in care homes and suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s so that they too can enjoy their quality of life and live longer independently.

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Sustainable Lighting Solutions inspired by Nature

People-Centered Lighting for Health

The spectral energies of natural sunlight fuel our body and regulate our biological clock. Yet modern lifestyles often dictate that we spend hours shut away from natural daylight therefore missing out on the natural energies the light has to offer.

Lighting for Health provides more than just artificial lighting. We replicate the quality of daylight through biodynamic lighting, bringing it indoors into our living and working environments to maintain our health.

People-Centered Lighting for Architecture

We believe good quality lighting is integral to architecture. That is why our lighting solutions are as design-conscious as they are health-conscious.

We model light to reveal the beauty, forms and style of architectural spaces and our lighting design service is also delivered to all the latest building standards, regulations and guidelines.

People-Centered Lighting for the Environment

We are passionate about protecting the environment and reducing carbon emission.
To achieve this, we maximise natural daylight when possible, supplementing lack of daylight with the recommended lighting levels and quality of light required. We also use European lighting products, new lighting technologies and innovative lighting control management systems to achieve energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Our Lighting Design Service

    • We discuss and map out your lighting design preferences and requirements
    • We recommend the quality of light you require for the different tasks and functions performed
    • We make suggestions on types of lamps that can be used, e.g. LEDs, light fittings; pendants or recessed lights
    • We explain how control management systems can set or create different lighting scenes
    • We provide a cost-effective and energy efficient lighting scheme

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