Seminar on Design for Dementia and Senior Living Environments

Lighting for Health participated in a highly informative seminar in May 2016 in the North West region on ‘Design for Dementia and Senior Living Environments’.

Lighting for Health presented to an audience of over 250 delegates from a wide range of professions including healthcare professionals, organisational societies & bodies, architects, designers, contractors and housing associations.
The seminar outlined how a dementia care home could be designed to enhance health and well-being so that people with dementia live independently for much longer.

Lighting for Health addressed the need for good lighting for older adults and the care providers and focused on the benefits of a biodynamic lighting solution for dementia and senior living environments.>Find out more >>

Case studies where presented where biodynamic lighting had already been implemented into residential care homes within Europe. At our exhibition stand we demonstrated the lighting products showing how biodynamic lighting assists in improving older adults overall quality of life and in turn makes the carer’s work so much easier and enjoyable.

We would like to hear from you if you have a design project or are in the process of refurbishing your care home and would like to discuss the lighting, please get in contact with us.

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