Do You Suffer From Lack of Light/or Winter Blues?

During the winter season, most people suffer from the symptoms of winter blues, which is triggered by the shortness of daylight hours. This include: lack of energy, daytime tiredness, social withdrawal, annoyance, sadness, craving for carbohydrates, and weight gain. Studies show that bright light therapy relieves winter blues symptoms by 60-90% and it helps increase daytime energy levels and alertness and maintain good work flow and motivation.
Bright light therapy helps maintain a stable circadian rhythm/body clock, makes waking up easier during the dark winter month and in staying alert during the day.
Light boxes aren’t usually available on the NHS, so if you want to try light therapy you need to buy one yourself. It is important to get advice about light box options and recommendations, so you get one that’s best suited to your needs. At Lighting for Health we can advise on light therapy products.

Light Therapy Products



Aurora is a wavy designed, dimmable bright light device that is also suitable as a conventional design lamp when it is not used for bright light therapy.

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Tubo is a bright light device that is suitable in many places. Thanks to its measurements, the Tubo only take up little space on the table, and the lamp is easily moved from one place to place. Contrasts have influenced both its design and choice of materials. Warm wood and cool, bright light go perfectly together creating a harmonic and fascinating entity. Tubo can also be dimmed from a bright light to mood lighting.

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Rondo, Rondo DIM and Rondo LED are stylish, multi-functional and compact bright light devices. The Rondo is also suited to confined spaces such as kitchens and desk tops. The round, harmonic design creates a warm feeling of sunlight and summer. The device provides a powerful light without straining the eyes.

The Rondo DIM is available in a digital/DALI dimming version with a pull switch for the dimming function.

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Boston Twin is a twin arm bright light device with effective anti-glare shields, which can also be used as a desk lamp. The energy-efficient 2 x 23W energy-saving lamps illuminate efficiently.

The powerful Boston Twin provides light on the desk with more than 2,500 lux at a distance of 42cm and may therefore be used also for bright light therapy.

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The Candeo is a bright light device as well as an efficient general and reading light. A height adjustment on the cord adds versatility to the use of the Candeo lamps.

The innovative Candeo comes in white, red and black finish, and is the first pendant bright light device on the market. The uniqueness of the Candeo is emphasized by the fact that the colour temperature is easy to change from warm white to pure white.

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It is easy to find a place for the Fii lamp in every home and office. This graphical lamp is also convertible into a beautiful design lamp thanks to the dimmer. The lamp shape makes it possible to place the lamp either in a vertical or horizontal position. It may also be placed right at the corner of a table where it takes up very little space.

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The versatile design lamp, Kubo, functions as both a powerful bright light device and a design lamp with atmosphere, since it has a dimmer.

The three differently sized interlocked cubes form a sculpted luminaire. Due to its devised dimensions the Kubo may be installed on the floor, table or a wide windowsill.

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LUCIA 2×36 and LUCIA 2x55DIM


Lucia is a handy-sized bright light device in which versatility has been taken into consideration in its design. The luminaire may also be used in small spaces, because it can be mounted on the wall. The high-quality technical parts make it a durable product. The device may be used without maintenance for more than 10 years.

Lucia 2×55 DIM is an extremely powerful bright light. The luminaire is equipped with a dimmer enabling you to adjust the illuminance as needed. It is also highly suitable as general lighting for a table.

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The Manhattan is a bright light device that changes into a design lamp thanks to its dimmer. Its two different ”façades” make the luminaire into an imposing interior decoration element. The back of the luminaire resembles the glass façade of a skyscraper.

The measurements of the Manhattan make it possible to place in various spots: It does not take up much space on the desk, and it is highly suitable for narrow windowsills.

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MESA160 and MESA Mega 160 DIM


Mesa is an efficient, stylish and safe bright light device. The device is pleasant to use and it provides a powerful light without straining the eyes. Thanks to the top-quality components. Mesa is easy to move around by its practical handle. The device has an adjustable support, and it may be hung on the wall.

Mesa Mega is dimmable and with luminosity-improved reflectors as well as a better light permeable anti-glare shield.

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Aurea is a new bright light device. The curve-lined lampshade of the Aurea provides uniform lighting.

Aurea is a dimmable bright light device that is also suitable as a conventional design lamp.

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Origo is both an easily moveable design lamp and a stylish bright light device. The upper part of Origo forms a smooth handle making it easy to carry from one place to another. The Origo is also available in a dimmable version.

The medium sizes in the Origo luminaire line is a bright light device. The sculpted floor lamp Original L and the sympathetic table lamp Origo S design lamps.

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The Supernova is intended for intensive bright light therapy as well as for private and professional use. Supernova has two dimmers providing numerous therapy options. Supernova is the most effective device on the market for desk usage.

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